Highlights 2022 - 2023


Discover our new cruise routes and look forward to a variety of unforgettable experiences with Princess Cruises. From the port close to home to distant, exotic and cultural shores. Our 2022/2023 itineraries do not only take you to the most beautiful destinations, they also bring the colours, cultures and tastes aboard our ships. Start planning your cruise today - and your cabin!


Alaska Cruise

Princess offers a wide range of cruises and shore excursions for 2022.  Seven ships will be sailing on our 7, 10 or 14 day itineraries including glacier tours. To complete your cruise, you can also combine it with overnight stays on land, including train travel and stays at Princess Cruises' own Wilderness Lodges.  



Cruise in Asia

Travel in the footsteps of the emperors to one of the oldest civilizations in the world. Explore fascinating cities with glowing skyscrapers, tropical islands with unspoiled beaches, villages and ancient temples that have preserved a centuries-old tradition. With Princess, the legends of Asia become alive.



Australia, New Zealand and South Pacific Cruises 

Visit legendary sites in Australia, breathtaking landscapes in New Zealand and palm-fringed islands in the South Pacific. From the Sydney Opera House to the stunning Great Barrier Reef, the underground caves of Auckland and the waterfalls of Milford Sound - witness the wonders of the world!



Cruise along the Californian coast

Discover the beauty of the California coast by watching one of the enchanting sunsets, tasting new vintages in the wine region or driving through the Golden Gate Bridge. Huge beaches, lush green hills, foggy harbors, charming coastal towns and sequoias - a trip along the California coast will leave you speechless!



Canada and New England Cruise 

Discover the history and natural beauty of Canada and New England in autumn or summer, which is ideal for families. You also have the option of including Greenland and adding many shore excursions before and after the cruise to explore historic America and the breathtaking Canadian hinterland.



Caribbean Cruise

The sunny days and relaxed atmosphere make the Caribbean islands a relaxing destination for the whole family. Discover the world famous beaches of the Eastern Caribbean and explore the Mayan ruins of the Western Caribbean - with Princess Cruises this is the most relaxed way to spend a holiday.



Cruises in Europe

Our 2022 season in Europe is even more impressive when you spend the Mediterranean cruises on board our smallest ship, Pacific Princess. There is the possibility for cruises from 12 to 24 nights with an overnight stay in Venice. For 2022 we also offer a wide range of itineraries to the most unique places and fascinating cultures of the Mediterranean, the British Isles, Northern Europe, Scandinavia and Russia.



Cruise to the Hawaiian Islands

Experience Aloha flair as you explore Hawaii with Princess Cruises. Each island - Maui, Kauai, Oahu and the main island - offers its own unique touch of tropical bliss. Immerse yourself in a dazzling underwater world, hike through lush jungle and past breathtaking waterfalls, marvel at spectacular lava landscapes, experience centuries-old Polynesian culture and more.



Cruise in Japan

The Diamond Princess from Yokohama (Tokyo) and Kobe will set sail in the summer of 2022. Admire the beauty of spring, blossoming cherry trees and take part in exciting festivals. Explore our expertly designed itineraries and discover the culture, history, cuisine and natural wonders of this island nation. Travel around Japan and discover places where ancient tradition and modernity meet in harmony.



Cruises along the Mexican Riviera 

Listen to the rhythm of the mariachis, enjoy sparkling margaritas and explore the picturesque landscape. Visit historic sites, sit on one of the beautiful beaches and stop to enjoy the refined, imaginative cuisine. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or an entertaining family vacation, a cruise along the colorful Mexican Riviera will delight you!



Cruise on the Panama Canal

The world's greatest shortcut fascinates all those who pass through its gigantic locks. Visit the lively colonial towns, admire the outstanding natural beauty, relax on the sunny beaches and meet a variety of exotic wildlife, colourful parrots and charming sloths. On your way you will discover the historic canal, one of the greatest engineering achievements of mankind.



Cruise in South America and Antarctica

Discover the vibrant cities of South America, breathtaking archaeological ruins, fjords and glaciers, and lush jungles and desert landscapes. One of the most diverse habitats in the world - Antarctica - awaits you. 



Cruise in French Polynesia

Discover a tropical paradise lined with coral reefs, lagoons and pristine beaches. The islands of French Polynesia are home to one of the richest aquariums in the world, teeming with marine life. On the coast, you will be seduced by the unique cultures, exotic cuisine and breathtaking scenery.



World Cruise 2023 

Discover the world in an unforgettable experience: 51 ports of call, 29 countries and 6 continents. Enjoy a sunset over the Mediterranean, toast Sydney's nightlife or explore Dubai's ultra-modern neighbourhoods. The round-the-world cruise offers access to 25 UNESCO sites, including the archaeological site of Petra from Aqaba, the historic city of Jerusalem and much more!