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In November 2014, the Regal Princess has been christened by the Crew of the american TV series "The Love Boat".

But the other ships of our fleet have famous godmothers from cinema, politcs and show business. Here you'll find a selection of them:


  • Ruby Princess

    6.11.2008, Fort Lauderdale
    Trista und Ryan Sutter
    "The Bachelorette"

  • Emerald Princess

    13.5.2007, Athen
    Florence Henderson, Marion Ross, Erin Moran, Susan Olsen

  • Crown Princess

    14.6.2006, New York
    Martha Stewart

  • Ocean Princess

    16.2.2000, Fort Lauderdale
    Ali McGraw and Ryan O'Neal
    "Love Story"

  • Grand Princess

    29.9.1998, New York
    Olivia de Havillard
    "Vom Winde verweht"

  • Dawn Princess

    8.5.1997, Fort Lauderdale
    Crew der amerikanischen Fernsehserie "The Love Boat"