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  • Top sights

    1. Friends
    2. Крепост Хисарлъка (Hisarlaka Fortress) (Крепост Хисарлъка)
    3. Zona Sport
    4. Художествена галерия „Владимир Димитров-Майстора“
    5. Тихият кът
  • The best restaurants

    1. Friends
    2. Тихият кът
    3. ABC
    4. Flora cafe
    5. NAPOLI
  • Popular shopping locations

    1. Fantastico
    2. Kaufland
    3. Мтел магазин "Кюстендил 2"
    4. Технополис
    5. Евробет

Copenhagen, largest city and capital of Denmark, is home and final resting place of author Hans Christian Andersen, and, in fact, the fairy tale feel of the city is everywhere, from the coppery green towers alongside gingerbread houses to the cobblestone streets lined with bikes and warm people.

Tivoli Gardens
Perhaps the best known of all Copenhagen's attractions, Tivoli Gardens is the world-renowned amusement park located in the very heart of the city. Visitors are dazzled by the park's fairyland lights, beautiful flowers, gift shops, rides, restaurants and strolling musicians.

Rosenborg Castle
This was the royal residence until the 19th century, and is one of the city's most popular museums, where you'll see the Royal Crown Jewels, costumes, and other royal memorabilia.

Copenhagen's popular shopping district is made up of five streets reserved for pedestrian traffic only, and it features fine eateries, elegant stores and trendy boutiques filled with everything from luxury items to souvenirs.

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