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    Rapa Nui
    1. Rapa Nui
    2. Rapa Nui
    3. Rapa Nui
    4. Elena
    5. El Ateneo Grand Splendid
  • The best restaurants

    1. Elena
    2. Il Quotidiano - Bar de Pastas
    3. Sarkis
    4. Santos Manjares
    5. Tanta Argentina
  • Popular shopping locations

    El Ateneo Grand Splendid
    1. El Ateneo Grand Splendid
    2. Rapa Nui
    3. Rapa Nui
    4. Bodega Amparo
    5. Tina & Co.

Buenos Aires is called the "Paris of the South," and Buenos Aires does flaunt its European heritage. One of the pleasures of this cosmopolitan city is simply absorbing its charm and flavor, from Parisian-style confiterias cafés, to the popular tango clubs. Enjoy a romantic walk through one of the city's many pristine parks or along its wide boulevards.

Recoleta Cemetery
The giant walled cemetery with many ornate crypts is also the final resting place of Evita Peron. Her black marble crypt is usually graced daily with fresh flowers from admirers.

Colon Theater
Recognized as one of the world's great opera houses, this impressive theater features six gilded tiers and gallery boxes.

La Boca
This area of Buenos Aires is embellished with colorful houses and is known for being the birthplace of the tango dance.

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