Bistro sur la mer: Bistro on board

Bistro sur la mer: Bistro on board

"Bistro sur la mer" is an exclusive bistro on board selected Princess ships dedicated to French cuisine.
The renowned 3-star chef Emmanuel Renaut provides culinary delights at sea.

Renaut's unique touch

Emmanuel Renaut was named Chef of the Year by "Le Chef" and bears the prestigious title of "Meilleur Ouvrier de France" (Best Craftsman in France). As the owner, founder and chef of the three star restaurant "Flocons de Sel" in the French Alps - named after the central role of salt in delicatessen cuisine - a wonderful opportunity arose to bring this cuisine to sea and build up the partnership with Princess.

Sample menu:
Bistro sur la mer Menu (PDF)

Creations with great attention to detail

Chef Renaut's inviting menu presents authentic French dishes with their own unique style. Enjoy the results of masterful cooking techniques, combined with balanced flavours and French ingredients from classic dishes such as Filet de boeuf poelé (beef fillet mignon) and Quenelles de vivaneau et St. Jacques accentuated with fine lobster bites.

Fresh inspiration

Attracted by the mountains and inspired by nature at a young age, Chef Renaut has been cultivating his own vegetable garden for a long time. Today, his regular alpine journeys take him to farms and woods in search of original ingredients and natural wonders that evoke new recipes and enchanting presentation possibilities.

Delicious personal notes

The menu reflects the culinary sensitivity of Chef Renaut. Enjoy "Paté en croute", named after his grandmother Marie-Isabelle Macquet, with homemade pie made of savoury dough with red cabbage and blueberry mousseline. And explore pairings from an all-French wine list, with selections from the best wine and Champagne producing regions of France including superb Bordeaux options.



The highlight of your meal at "Bistro sur la mer" is as extraordinary as the previous courses. Artfully prepared desserts that please the eye and palate are the Mont Blanc. Made from chestnut, blueberry gel and vanilla cream bavaroise as a tribute to the highest peak in the French Alps, the chef inspired Renauts Blick from his restaurant in Megève.

French Bistro Charme

From the bizarre plate wall with hot-air balloons to the marble table tops and cosy banquets, "Bistro sur la mer" delights the eye and creates the perfect conditions for a traditional and yet unexpected French bistro experience.

The delicious world of Chef Renaut awaits you on Majestic Princess®, Sky Princess® and Enchanted Princess®.


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