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Lotus Spa: Spa treatments on board

Lotus Spa: Spa treatments on board

Revel in the luxury of time, with our Lotus Spa treatments. You can book each ritual separately. Or you can indulge in an entire day of personalized pampering. The choice is yours. Choose from any of our Spa services to see a description of the treatments.

  • La Thérapie HydraLift Facial:
    This youth-enhancing facial has results that are fast and dramatic, resulting in a smoother complexion that will leave your skin looking youthfully radiant after just one treatment.
  • Aroma Stone Therapy:
    The deep penetrating heat of the volcanic stones combined with traditional massage techniques and warmed oils are an experience that is nothing short of divine.
  • Ionithermie Cellulite Reduction Program:
    This unique therapy detoxifies the body, reduces the appearance of cellulite and offers potential inch loss in just one session.
  • Cellutox Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap:
    Rejuvenate yourself with this detoxifying wrap by focusing on reducing cellulite, detoxifying, decongesting and stimulating your body systems.
  • Musclease Aroma Spa Ocean Wrap:
    A heated seaweed mask containing a warming blend of Pine and Rosemary essential oils is applied to your body before you are cocooned in a comforting foil wrap to ease arthritis, fatigue and muscle spasms.
  • Acupuncture Treatments:
    The acupuncturist’s goal is to release blocked energy by applying sterilized needles to key points on the body to restore balance and improve health. Available on all ships except Sea and Sun Princess.
  • Botox, Restylane & Perlane Treatments:
    Botox is a purified protein toxin which is used in small amounts in local areas. Safely used since 1989, this treatment has proved successful for both men & women. Available only on Caribbean Princess and Ruby Princess