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Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Suitable for guests of all fitness levels, Lotus Spa offers a comprehensive fitness program consisting of world class fitness experts, state-of-the-art equipment, body assessments, and innovative classes that will help you achieve your goals for healthier living. Tailored to your needs, the fusion of traditional exercise and cutting-edge fitness services will help you discover the results-driven exercise your body needs to look and feel its best.

  • Pathway to Yoga:
    Excellent for increasing levels of concentration and focus. This class will benefit the beginner and the experienced yogi.
  • Pilates:
    This exercise system combines posture and controlled moves. Our class is mat-based and good for all levels of students.
  • Individualized Personal Training:
    The physiology of the body is extremely complex and everyone needs to discover exercises that will enhance inner health and physical strength. Personal training is your unique prescription toward a healthy and strong mind and body.
  • Metabolism Test:
    A major cause of health problems is an imbalance within the body's composition. Our Body Composition Analyzer can read the percentage of fat and water within your body and compare it with the percentage recommended for you.